Saturday, February 20, 2016

106 Vintage Co.

While in Nebraska I visited a local shop.... 

Check out their Facebook page

The owner, Cammie Metheny told how she bought this old building on main street in Coleridge, Nebraska.  It has been a grocery store.  Once she started removing the drop ceiling she found this beautiful tin ceiling.  One the walls she found fresco painted murals.  

Inside her shop you will find many treasures.  She makes furniture out of her finds.
When I was there she was working on a large window, trying to remove the glass.  Her parents were collectors so she's been doing this her whole life.  She also let me got through her other building where she has so many cool things.  

I told her I wanted to come play whenever I was in the area.  She then said she was going to be taking down a barn....I laughed and said when, I'm in!   She said when it was warmer weather, I'm like I'll be back in May!  What a great find and I will be back every time I'm back in the area.  

I'm also presenting my jewelry to her with the hope she'll sell it in her shop!  Stay tuned Coleridge area.  If you ever find yourself in the Coleridge area make sure and stop in her shop.  Also check out her Facebook page.

 I found some treasures myself.  A religious portrait, fruit baskets, turquoise painted wood strips, card holder, wallpapers and the best thing was my ledger!

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