Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Organize, Storage, Portable, all in One

As I put together my portable studio I decided to make some fabric roll up holders.  I used a  nice natural cotton fabric I had laying around.  It was enough to make three holders!   I didn't use a pattern, pretty much winged it by measuring the supplies it would hold, pencils, brushes, etc.

 Things the rolled holders need to fit these paint supplies.

I turned under all four edges and sewed 1/4" edge.

I set some of the brushes/pens/pencils to measure out the size of the pockets and the width of the slots.

Marked the lines with a pencil, the average width was 1.5 cm for pencils and brushes, 1/2" was too tight.  the other supplies needed their own width, so it really it's not an exact science.  The pencil marks made it easier to sew straight lines.  Easy quick sewing.

This one will hold my water brushes and paint filled brushes.

Watercolor pencils holder...really love this.

I love how this project turned out!

This one I made to fit my small watercolor paints and various brushes.  Love that I can keep the paints and brushes together.   I can see this rolled holder going with me everywhere.

I used a soft leather tie and it works out perfectly!   The only thing is I will probably paint the outside of the holder....too boring leaving them plain.  This was an easy sew project with big results!   

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