Saturday, March 19, 2016

Easter treats

 I checked out Pinterest and found these two Easter treat ideas.  One using pretzels and the other using rice krispies.

The first one I make was the preztel flowers.  Square pretzels, white chocolate melts and pastel m&m candies.   

I put 12 pretzels on a mircowavable place and then set a candy melt on each.  I mircowaved for 55 seconds, just enough to soften the melts.

Once the melts were softened, place a center candy and then six around to make the flower.  It helps to sort the colors.  This isn't as easy as you think....steady hand helps.

Aren't these the cutest!

I placed three in each bag and tied a banner flag using some bakers twine. 

Second treat was a rice krispie treat with a Easter twist.  Four bowls = four colors.  On some recipes I found you can use Peeps, but I didn't have any so I used liquid food colors.  Melt the butter first and then add the  marshmallows.  I used the microwave but you can make this on the stove top.

Once you have the marshmallow/butter mixture I added the color.  Easy easy and sticky.

I doubled the recipe.  I used bread pans lined with foil.  Sprayed with vegetable oil and set the rice krispies in layers color by color.  Let cool.

Winston and Maximus stepped into the kitchen to see what was going on...

Using a serrated knife I cut into 1x1 inch pieces.

I decided to make them into to pops, so I stuck a popstick into each piece.  Easy easy.

Used the printing software to make my banner strips.

Love how it all turned out!

Sent out two boxes of these treats to family.  Also, have enough left over for a few friends and a Palm Sunday dinner dessert. 


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