Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lemons to lemonade

This past couple of months I've been in an electronic whirlwind.  My laptop of eight years decided to crash!  Yes I said crash...the hard drive crashed.  I got an error code and tried all kinds of fixes I found on Youtube and Google searches.  Nothing worked.  I had to accept my laptop was dead and all the data, files, photos, music, videos,software, etc was all lost.  I know your next question is ... don't you back up your shit...yes I do, but I work on so many project daily and I'm backing up all the time and I still was not current on my back ups.  I honestly don't know what all I may have lost.  I used an old version of Photoshop which on any new computer the new software will be expensive.  I'm so heartbroken over all of this.  
After a few days I had to get real about how I was in the middle of some projects and I needed to get a computer/laptop.  After a days of contemplating PC vs. Mac.   I have a iPhone and iPad so it only seem the logical step.  Oh by the way, my iPhone is also broke and when that happened I decided to move to a Galaxy cellphone since it would be easier to move files/photos.  But since my phone and computer needed to be replaced it was a good time to go all Mac.  I bought a iMac Pro laptop and also moved on to a Mac desktop and I tell ya it's all good...real good.  The saying when you get lemons and I mean rotten make lemonade and you make sweet lemonade!
So far I'm on quite a learning curve but it's fun and exciting.  Biggest challenge is getting photo editing software and print software.  Little at a time.  
In the meantime, a friend has offered to tackle my hard drive and see if any data can be retrieved.   Fingers-crossed 

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