Sunday, July 27, 2014

The story of this photo album

Last summer I attended the Buckley family reunion in Marshfield, Massachuetts.  I know the Buckley family through my long time friend Paula and I'm an honorary Buckley through Papa George.  I've visited the Buckleys & the Marshfield/Boston area a number of times.  On all trips to Marshfield it's full of beach days, family, food, drinks, laughter, sightseeing, and tons of fun.  The day of the reunion we had a huge rain storm, with thunder, lightning & so much rain.  But we handled it and the reunion went on!  Two of the Buckley cousins, Erin & Taylor were sitting around not really interacting with anyone.  I talked to Erin about how many of her relatives we didn't know or meet. I thought how fun would it be to meet everyone in attendance by taking a photo with every single person.  We talked Taylor into doing the photo blast.  I announced to everyone we would be going around to take their photo.  There were lots of photos being taken this day of course but we put a spin on our project.  I took a photo of Erin & Taylor with every person.  We ended up with about 120 photos total.  We were successful getting most of the people there with exception of maybe a handful!  Everyone was awesome.

Erin, me & Taylor

Group photo and we met all of them individually!
As we went around the group we told our story as to how we are Buckleys and asked how they were related.  It was the coolest thing to exchange our stories of how everyone was related.  The Buckley family consisted of nine brothers and sisters, Mimi, Kay, Rita, Joe, Kenny, Claire, Dickie, Bobby and George. 

I had to figure out how to put this set of 120 photos together.  This is what I did....

I used two of my beach photos as the cover and back cover of the photo album.

I've never used a laminater before but thought with all the humidity and handling of the photos, laminating them would be best.

I sent out the photos to be printed.  Cut them to fit four per 8 1/2 x 11 size laminate sheets.  Cut them, trimmed them, punched holes and set them with rings.  On the back of each photo I added their name & their Buckley family tree information.

Ta da....finished.  I love the way it turned out.

Final packaging and sent off to the Marshfield Buckleys!
I need to put together two more photo sets, one for Erin & Taylor.  It was a fun project and one of the most memorable things I did on that trip.

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