Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting inspired!

I'm at a bookstore trying to pass some time and get outa the heat and away from my dirty house.  Having a good time looking through magazines to get some inspiration for a paper project I'm working on.  

But hang on, I got a clever idea how to use my time when I travel. Articles in the STUDIOS magazine, "traveling studios" ... how about a class on wheels?  use a camper trailer as the hub of the class...park it like a food truck and hold a class or a class at the park?   What would the class be of... beading, making a pair of earrings?  a simple necklace?  bracelet?  crochet a hat?  crochet a scarf?  paint a mixed media piece of art?  Or just offer up a menu of the day.  What supplies would I need? How to advertise?  Who would I target as the customer?  Great idea, especially when I'm visiting my family in  Nebraska.  I find I miss my studio time when I'm traveling and I always pack my traveling studio suitcase.  Never know how this idea may just grow into a fabulous adventure!  Funny how I've been bugging my talented sister, Patsy to open up a food truck and sell her awesome Mexican food on the road....we could do it together!!!  Who wouldn't want her awesome enchiladas after making the most awesome pair of  earrings!!! 

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