Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 Road Trip - Churches

A common thread of my road trip was coming across churches and taking a moment to sit in the silence.   I love how it feels to sit in that space.  The churches had ornate altars, statues of Saints, beautiful stained glass windows, worn wooden pews, the smell of candles burning, and most of all, the absence of judgement.  Not to get into it too much, I love being in church but not a fan of going to church.  

My Dad told me about a church he read about and even saw a movie about it years ago.  I've been researching what he told me and found the movie and then found the church.  It's in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Our Lady of Light Loretto Catholic Chapel.  The story goes like this, the church burned down and they needed a staircase.  A man showed up and built the staircase.  It's built without nails and wood unknown in the area.  It's beautiful!

The altar is beautiful.

The staircase

Great stained glass windows

Outside the church was this tree filled with rosaries.  An amazing thing.

St Pat's Catholic, North Platte, Nebraska
This is the church I attended as a kid.  It looks very different inside.
St Anthony, a favorite Saint of mine
Touched the water in this many many times!

St Charles Borromeo, North Bend, Nebraska

Loved the interior of this church

Stained glass windows are so beautiful

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Leoville, Kansas

This window was absolutely gorgeous

Our Lady

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Boys Town, Nebraska

 Cathedral of the Epiphany Catholic Church, Sioux City, Iowa

A great tour of catholic churches on this road trip.  I will continue to walk into catholic churches everywhere I travel.  Love the silence of the space, love the peaceful feeling of the space and love spiritual love of the space.

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