Monday, September 23, 2013

In the studio, etching metals.

I've been wanting to try etching metals, again.  I haven't done it in a long time.  I use a chemical called PCB Etchant Solution which you can get at Radio Shack.  It's mainly used in computer motherboard circuit work.  Make sure to use safety glasses and gloves when working with it.
I clean up the metal strips and stamped images and drew designs on the strips.  I used a permanent ink pad and a sharpie.  I also stamped some of the copper rings.
I used a glass dish and remember not to ever reuse the dish for food.  It belongs in the studio now.  The metal strips  are placed on clear packing tape with the design side up.  The strips are floated on the solution but I did place the rings right into the solution. 
I set the timer for one hour, but I got busy and ended up letting the metal sit for two hours.  Since my PCB solution was old it needed two hours to get the results I wanted anyways.
Here's how they look!  Awesomeness.

I bent one of the strips into a bracelet and love love love it.  I will experiment with a clasp of some kind and maybe some embellishments.  Stay tuned....

This is the strip I stamped circles on...way cool.


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