Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday thoughts....

A series of events have taken place this past week or so that have made me take a moment.

First, a good friend’s mother passed away a week ago.  I knew she was ill but when I got the news it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Lottie was extremely talented and creative.  She was a true authentic artist.  She love Mexico and everything about Mexican art and culture.  She was a fabulous furniture designer/builder.   I once traveled with her to Mexico. San Miguel de Allende and many small pueblos near Patzcuaro, Mexico.  We saw the pyramids, we walked the huge Mexico City Zoeculo  and visited Frida Kahlo’s Azul house.  We fell in love with San Miguel’s architecture, and met many artisans, woodcarvers, metal workers, mask painters and furniture makers.  She gave me so much inspiration.  I hadn’t seen her for few years but I’m always reminded of her whenever I look at a small framed Frida Kahlo postage stamp she gave to me.  May she rest in peace.

Second, three friends had car accidents this past week.  Thank sweet baby Jesus all suffered either no injury or minor injuries but still they had injuries.  Two cars totaled and one van undergoing a month long repair.  All the accidents are the true sense of shit happens that sets a whole lot of things in motion after being stopped in your tracks.

Third, my printers decided to go on an electronic glitch adventure.  My large photo printer decided to get stuck on “Error B200”.  As I researched “Error B200” I came to realize my five or six year love affair with my Pixma Pro i9000 was over.  The Canon support person gave me some bad news about “Error B200” – something to do with  electrical mambo jumbo bullshit and kindly emailed me a local authorized Canon repair shop.  But he added,  the cost to have it repaired might be close to the cost of buying a new printer because of the nature of “Error B200”.  A number of YouTube videos addressing how to deal with “Error B200” on a Canon printer suggested best way to solve “Error B200” was to use a heavy sledge hammer!  But wait!!!   I just bought ink!!!!   I can’t even get the stupid ink cartridges out of the damn printer!  Which leads me to telling you about my other very simple basic 3 in 1 wireless printer/copier/scanner machine.  It wouldn’t print ---it decide to only give me blank sheets of paper.  It would copy, it would scan but no document or email printing.  I figure I should buy ink for it since it only had black ink.  Well holy moley, the damn machine prints now.  Back in business, ah nope… the Epson XP200 will not print on cardstock, ever!  Not that kind of printer!
I did buy a new printer…and the love affair continues… Pixma Pro 100 this time around.  It’s wireless, it’s huge, it’s heavy, it’s awesome!  

But really, having printer problems is not a life changing event.  Life is a constant movement forward with us moving right along with it.  Challenging and reminding myself the power of now, this exact love and grace.

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