Saturday, July 25, 2015

Art work admiration

While I was on my last road trip I took a tour of this beautifully decorated house.  In one of the girl's bedroom were these three pieces of artwork on the wall... "live"  "out"  "loud".  It was made with torn paper.  The owner of the home is extremely talented and her home was filled with so much of who she is.  I love so much of her decor and I found out later that she has made a lot of it herself.  Giving her a shout out!

I had the inspiration, paper, glue, canvas and time.  

1.  Use old book pages and tore them into pieces.  
2.  Glued them randomly all over the canvas.
3.  I used one scrapbook design for the circle on all three canvas so they would match.
4.  Orange, blue and yellow scrapbook paper was used to make the petals.
5.  I used a large dinner plate to draw a circle and a small plate to draw the inner circle.
6.  Glued the torn pieces to make the design.
7.  Used a black sharpie to draw the words.

A couple of things... the book pages I used had wide white margins so I trimmed them off so I only had text.  The scrapbook paper varied in thickness and I found I didn't like using the thicker card stock.  When it's torn it shows the white edges, so I trimmed it off because it was distracting from the petal design.  I also found small torn piece worked so much better.  It was like making a mosaic design.   Overall, I love how they came out and this is a project I can see making over and over.  All kinds of words and themes to explore!

I found some Xmas scrapbook paper and made these.  Not sure if I lke the outcome but it motivates me to keep working on it.  Great idea for holiday decor. though.

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