Saturday, July 18, 2015

Architectual beauties

While I'm in my hometown I drive pass these beauties.  They are magnificent, huge, unique and architectural beauties.

This house is just around the corner from my parent's house, when I see it I know it's time to make my turn onto my parent's street.  I don't know why I didn't take a shot of the whole house.  It's beautiful and such a home.  I always wonder who the family is that's so lucky to have breakfast in the white windowed room.

This is a magnificent house and so grand.  I've been in this house and I remember taking the stairs up to the highest floor and listening to T.Rex singing "Bang a gong".    I love this house.

What a front porch on this house!

I noticed many brick homes and this one I love the  design within a design.  I wonder if there was a time with brick was abundant because there are many that were built next to each other, almost like it was a new material to use on houses.

Look at all the details on this house. Columns, bay windows enclosed porch and the block style foundation.  Yep,  the stairway is purple!

 This house is a gorgeous yellow!  I just want to sit on the porch sipping my lemonade!

How grand it this house.  I wonder who's all lived in this house.  I passed this house so many times on my walk to high school and thought how amazing it would be to have a house this grand.  It sits at an angle and makes such a statement.

This house I drove passed a million times and it's so beautiful even in it's state.  I don't know if it's being renovated but I would have loved to gone in it.  It sits next to a beautifully restored house.

Next to this house!  What a house!  It's home to some kind of shelter for kids I think.  I didn't have time to ask for a time I'm in town I'll have to ask for a tour.

 This house has some neat angles and bay windows.  The porch says come sit with me.

 Now, this house was very interesting.  Colors and designs on all sides of the house gave it such character.  There were such large trees surrounding this house I wasn't able to get a photo of the intricate  details using paint colors and fish shingles.

This house was grand as it sat at an angle on this corner.  Once again a awesome porch and such details. Even the out buildings were a piece of architectual artwork.

There a so many more houses, this was just a sample along a few blocks on one street.  My parents live in a 1940's Bungalow style home.  Not sure why I don't have a photo of it.  It's a very cool house full of great architectural details.   I read that some of the houses were Four Square architecture style... made popular from mail order catologues.  There are also Bungalow, Queen Anne, and Vernacular architecture styles.  I think the Queen Anne style is what the large magnificent houses are.  A girl can dream of what it must be like to call one of this beauties their home.  (as I return to Arizona to my ranch style simple design home with no porch to sip my cold lemonade on a hot Arizona afternoon!)

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