Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monday thoughts...posted on Tuesday late night.

My recent thoughts about planning/organizing time.   Well not really organized, I'm pretty organized with my projects and most of my things have a place.  I think what I'm doing is fine tuning things.  As I write this I can't even find the words to explain what I'm doing, ha ha.  Since I've retired I don't have a schedule like I did when I was working.  I find I can do whatever I need to do or want to do any day of the week.  This is almost too flexible, yet, I'm not willing to commit to anything in particular.  So, what I'm doing is setting space in my time to work on photos, to write, to research, to work on inspiration board, project time/deadlines, etc.  Right now it seems like I'm all over the place.  So I'm working on a planner where Mondays will be take care of business day, Tuesday will be all about photos, Wednesdays can be in the studio only days, Thursday can be blog article writing day, Friday will be free day to do what needs to be done.   Now, doesn't all this sound so easy to master..... well not on "jobi time" .  Because I'm so flexible = change my mind of what I want to do on a Monday!  So then that falls into that lack of commitment thing I got going on....see my problem?  With a job, job I was committed to getting my job, job done.  Here in my world it's not like that.  Plus I also now have this other part of my daily routine called "housework".... a bad word in my vocabulary.  Oh yeah, add the great weather we have going on around here...who wants to be inside???  Then there's friends to visit with and places to go.   What's the point to a having a day planner if I'm not gonna follow it? 
This would probably explain why my blog has been neglected.  It's not for the lack of things going on around here.  Have been doing lots of fun projects one after another and I have photos to prove it...but then when am I schedule to deal with photos?   Tuesdays, oh dang didn't get to it today, now it's Wednesday, which means I need to be in the studio.  Actually, I need to get to shut down the laptop and go to bed.... Thanks for listening....

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