Sunday, January 19, 2014

Funny when that happens.....

The other day I was not feeling so so so, you know when you can't find anything to wear because nothing fits right, when your makeup looks like war paint, you smudge your nail polish because you're in a hurry, can't find your keys & eyeglasses and they're in you other hand & on top of your head, and you have no gas in Miss MINI Lula.  You take a deep breathe and head to the gas station.  Of course gas station was busy and I finally find an open pump.  I decided it was best to pay attention getting my gas, didn't want to make my day more complicated.  Back in Miss Lula and I check my mirror to make sure the gas nozzle is not in my car.  At this point a man at the opposite pump asks me if I'm enjoying the beautiful day...btw it was sunny and 70 degrees out.  I said yeah I guess it was a nice day out.  He continued to ask me a variety of questions and at the end of the conversation he said something about me looking great and I look like a woman who knows that.  I drove away but really wanted to go back and let him know how much his words meant to me at that moment.  All the doubt I had of myself that morning disappeared.  Just so weird how this happened so randomly, but then again, in my world random is never really random.

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