Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Busy day, but a really nice day outside.

Feeling a little overwhelmed today.  Getting ready for a long road trip and have a gazillion things to do.  Packing my soldering suitcase since I have pendants to finish for a show I have next month!  But first I have to finish cutting, filing and cleaning metal bases for my pendants, oh and did I mention I'm watching the Red Sox.  I'll have to finish the designs and set resin while I'm on my trip.  Maybe the colors of autumn will inspire me.  Next on my list of a gazillion things is packing packing.  It's so nice outside it's hard to know what to pack for Nebraska's weather.  Boots for sure, oh and sweater weather!!  Gotta remember to have all the electronics and camera, cords, chargers, etc.  Then finally, music and snacks for the road. 

One big worry is my dog Winston, he isn't feeling well today.  He has this thing that happens out of the blue for no apparent reason and it lasts a day or two and then it goes away.  Bad thing is he's in pain because he moans and cries when he moves around especially when trying to lay down.  He tilts his head to the left and will not move it to the right or up or down.  We've taken him to the vet when he was like this but as he jumped into Mini and by the time we got to the vet's office he was fine and I mean fine.  The vet really didn't have much to say since Winston was fine, but a little tender when he moved his head to the right.  Vet said something about a neck disc thing but that was about it.  Part of me thinks I should take Winston for a ride and maybe that will cure him like the last time. I hope he's fine by the time we leave.  He is eating, drinking water and walks with me outside and wags his tail....ugh.

** update on Winston**  Took him for a ride and it didn't help! He did like the ride but it was tough getting in & out of Mini.  I bought him a new dog bed, gave him aspirin and put him to bed.  He's still showing a tilted head and some moaning when he lies down.  We may need to delay our trip a day to take a trip to the vet.  Last time this happened he was fine within two days... keep fingers crossed he will be better tomorrow....worried.

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