Friday, June 28, 2013

Time to say goodbye to my Dell desktop...

This is my Dell desktop I purchased in 2002 or 2003.  I got a dual DVD/CD recorder, two hard drives, good graphics card and sound card.  Upgraded memory and it was super fast!  I had loaded it up with great software and never ran out of room on the hard drives.  I loved watching movies on it and loved editing photos.  I ran dual monitors and added many peripheral devices with this desktop and he handled everything I threw at it.  One of the DVD drives doesn't open anymore, several of the USB's don't work anymore, it's super slow, I can barely connect to the internet, and it's big and gathers lots of dust.  I will miss all my cool software and how easy it is to use the scanner and printer.   But as you know technology is so amazing that this dinosaur has outlived his use even with all the upgrades I've done over the years.  I haven't been using it much except to edit photos since it has millions of Photoshop goodies and tons of fonts I'll never replace.  Have you seen the price of Photoshop software these days!  I backed up all my goodies and unplugged Mr Dell Desktop.  Sad day but looking forward to his replacement.  Stay tuned, I'm saving my pennies. 

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