Thursday, June 13, 2013

Babies means baby showers means baby toolbelts!

Baby showers this time in my life are mainly my good friend's grandbabies. 
The PINK one is for baby Peyton, she's due end of July.  It's my friend, Debbie's first grandbaby.  The baby shower was very nice and fun.  The new Mommy is adorable!

The BLUE tool belt is for Oliver's dad, Stevie, as I call him, I think he's now STEVE.   I've know Stevie since he was a baby.  I met his mother, Kathy, the first month of my job I had for 25 years.  She had just had Stevie and returned to work & shared my first office with me.   She's an awesome Grandma!


I got the canvas tool belts at Lowes, but really didn't like the logo, so I painted over it and I like the way it looked much better.  I shopped at dollar stores, Walmart, and Lowes for the stuff.  One place I had never been to was Baby's R Us, omg what an overwhelming place!  I went looking for a basic rattler, cloth diaper pins, and diaper changing pad thingies.  I just had to walk the isles to see what the heck was in this store...everything and I mean everything is there.  I must confess most of the stuff I had no clue what it was or what it was for...haha.  I couldn't find a basic rattler but did find the changing pads and pins.

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