Friday, April 12, 2013

Senor Flat Stanley's visit is over :(

There was this graffiti wall near downtown Phoenix that I used to go to with kids to photograph them in front to the wall.  I decided to take Senor Stanley there and the wall was gone.  It had been torn down and rebuilt with new textured block.  It was so sad to know that artwork is gone forever.  As I drove around the block I noticed this artwork on an alley wall.  Senor Stanley jumped right up on the wall.

Last week my friend invited me to the International Day at a local college where her belly dancing troupe was performing.  Right after they were finished a mariachi band performed.  Senor Stanley was able to enjoy some of my childhood music.

I needed some groceries so I took Senor to the Ranch Market in Phoenix.  It caters to Hispanic and Central American foods.  It's a very colorful grocery store.


These sweet breads are called "pan dulces".  I have memories of eating these when I was a small girl and a vendor would sell these door to door and my Abuela Juanita would buy each one.

These are prickly pear cactus called napals.  People eat them and they are similar to green beans.  I've never had them.  I guess the idea of eating a cactus isn't appealing to me.

Senor loved being in the tortillas making area.  It's smelled like home to me. 

That's just a few of the places Senor Flat Stanley visited on his 2nd trip to our home.

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  1. oh my goodness. I took Flat Stanley on a trip with me as well. And decorated my niece's book. They loved it.