Thursday, April 4, 2013


I've been working hard in the studio.  My hands look awful and feel so dry.  Desperate need of a manicure.   I smell like chemicals and solder even though I'm burning a nice scented candle.   I didn't leave the studio much today except to eat and sit outside for dinner. 
When I think about a day like this I count my blessings and know not everyone can do what they love.  I finished some necklaces and I just love them.  Tomorrow I'll be finishing the rings and I'll be all ready for the the Mercado at Purple Lizard this weekend. I'll be sending out a text blast and reposting here and on my Facebook pages about the Mercado. The weather should be perfect.
Dang... I need to take a road trip with Senor Flato Stanley...SOON!  The project is overdue!!

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