Friday, January 25, 2013

Another day in the studio....

Wow, it's sure taking a lot of time to finish the pendants and chains!  Then again, life gets in the way of the fun in the studio!  You know things like cooking, dishes, laundry, making beds, getting sleep, etc.  I'm really excited to show you my progress.  I have a pile of pendants to attach to the handmade chains. 
It's going to be a ring, so I need to solder it to a band.
I need to outline the drawing and fill with resin.
Then I'll age the metal and polish it.
Pendants waiting to be filled with resin.
The three rounds are rings.  I added rhinestones!
Need to fill soldered to a band, filled with resin
and then aged & polished.

Finished small pendant.  I'm so pleased.

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