Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello blog friends,
The first day of 2013 and thinking how 2012 went.
Enjoyed my first full year of retirement
Travelled to Texas with my family and reconnected with my Texas family
My baby sister got married!
Got to hang out with good friends, Amy & Kevin in Denver!
Spent a year with the twins, Olivia and Addison & that has been so much fun.
Improved on keeping garden plants alive.
Improved on a lot of things....housework being one major change.
I always say I retired from my real job to the job I hate the most...housekeeping.
I have enjoyed cooking and baking.  I have learned what a messing person I am in the kitchen!
I made some new friends this year... for one, Kathy has been an inspiration to me.
I also met and have been keeping in touch with a family from Belgium that we met on a random stop for a picnic in Page, AZ.
I found I love Facebook much to my surprise.  It's let me get a inside look into family and long lost friends.
Happily spent endless hours in my craft studio!
Enjoyed taking jewelry making and craft on-line classes.
My Raiders were a tough team to follow this season and the Huskers weren't much better.
I have to listen to my Nebraska family rub in how well the Denver Donkeys are doing this year. haha
I didn't stay consistent with exercise :(
I didn't get the garage cleaned out.
I continued to purge stuff from my studio to donate to friends and family.
Another thing that stayed consistent this year was my ability to have random things and people cross my path at the oddest times that make it feel like perfect timing.  There have been way too many to list.  I love how I hear from a friend just as I'm thinking about them.  Happens all the time....so that's one thing I look forward to continuing in 2013.
Happy New Year and thank you so much for following my blog.


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