Sunday, July 8, 2012

One way to use the coffee bean bags

First, I picked out a bag with some cool labels.  Cutting the seams  was a messy job.  Took it outside to the patio and enjoyed the freaking 109 degree heat.  Okay, I did jump in the pool.

I had a piece of homasote board, a sound proof wall board. I bought it on one of my trips to Nebraska. I haven't found it here at any of the large home improvement stores. Half the time they never know what I'm even talking about when I ask for homasote board...haha.
This side of fabric?

Or this side?

Next I ironed and steamed the creases out.

I stapled the writing side on....not sure I like it. I set some upholstery tacks to see how it would look. I like it with the tacks. Tomorrow I'll finish it and hang it on the wall to tack and display all my ideas and things that inspire me.  I'll post final picture when it's done.

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