Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dining table .... finally

I've been looking for a round pedestal table for a long time.  I finally found one online...Ballard Design and it was on's a light green moss color...  I think I bought the last one.  yippee

Here's the chair style I love.  I saw these chairs at a local restaurant.  I asked the waiter about them and he said they were handcrafted especially for the restaurant...two carpenters - two styles. 

I love the round style

These are two chairs I found online...I would prefer to get them unfinished but no luck finding unfinished ones.  I may have to do some research shopping in this big city of mine.  The style is called  "school house" chairs.  I'm wondering if the waiter meant they were painted especially for the place since these look so much like them.

I like the thickness of the seat and curve of the back
Minor difference...price about $20 less.

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