Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's called "research shopping"

The past couple of days I've been out doing's what I found
The other day we went to Charming accessories store...pretty cool place

This is the bling section.... the store is divided into color themes

Necklace my sister Rhonda would love

This watch is yelling out my sister Melinda's name
camo+bling+western=Melinda accessory
I didn't buy anything, go figure...

Next day I went out to do more research...

Fabric store/warehouse place.  It an overwhelming place...tons of stuff and I mean tons of stuff!  I was there to find anything teal color, ribbon mainly.  But no luck.  I did find some nice periwinkle color ribbon for me and some sample ribbons for Jackie.

Next place, the cake supply store...another overwhelming place.  This is a kind of place you need to have a mission when you walk in.  Too many distractions.  I found teal food coloring and cupcake liners.  My sister Rhonda is getting married and she is thinking of serving cupcakes at the reception instead of cake.  Silver and teal are her colors....ta da found both colors.  (p.s. she may have decided on cake as of last night, good thing I only took a photo and didn't purchase)


Like these silver ones

not these silver ones

teal ribbon but not nice fabric ribbon

nothing to do with wedding stuff...just loved these paper straws

nice straws for pool side girl drinks..I made a cherry vodka lemonade 7up with ice drink!  yummie

Okay, got a little off track there..
Next, party store...looking for anything teal...
No luck, no balloons, no ribbons, no streamers, nada....silver balloons.  But then I passed by the summer theme isle and low and behold...teal napkins!!!  I bought them all up...on clearance to boot.  Some forks, too.  While I was there I had this feeling someone was watching me...

I browsed the wedding isles and not much there that impressed me..too predictable.  I saw this cake topper and thought... every girl should have the fairy tale!

Another research stop...the Phoenix Swap Meet...haven't been there in ages.  Met up with some friends and headed in ... again a huge place with way too much to see. 

My friend's son was there to get a knife for his birthday.  He collects them, yikes it was a big knife!

I came across this cute dress...immediately thought it would be a nice flower girl dress for Jackie's wedding.  It comes in ivory and can add a black stash and very affordable. 

Look who I ran into!

Me and Michael Jackson 

That's what I've been up to...researching.

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