Thursday, October 1, 2015

Making boxes!

Making more cement boxes!   Getting box molds ready.  Spray with vegetable spray after reinforcing the boxes with tape.   

I used a differnt cement mix this time.  It used sand instead of gravel.  It was a finer texture.  It was easy to mix and simple to use.

I used glass tea candle holders as the mold for the hole.  The key here is spraying with the oil spray and to remove the glass holders after the cement sets but before it's totally set, otherwise you will not be able to remove the glass.

The tops came out perfect and fits nicely

In order to make the pendants I needed some background paper.  I had fun creating these sheets!  I used an idea from a book by Sally Jean.  Make a list of different things like, use paint, words, magazines, chalk, pencil, photograph, smudge, stamps, etc.  Put these in a bowl and as you pick out a work you do that to the paper.  Easy way to get your creative juices going.  I new I wanted light colors and lots of blues!

My work space as I make the charms and solder them.

I decided I also wanted to use stamped words on the lids.  I learned to anneal the metal to make it softer and easier to stamp!  Best tip I've learned.  You mark it with a sharpie and heat it until the sharpie mark disappears.  Remember it gets super hot so have a shallow container of water to dip and cool the metal strips.

I wanted to experment with other shapes and other wires.  I flattened some copper wire and shaped it into a heart.  Soldered it to a brass metal square flooded with solder.  Love love love the outcome.  

I have 30 boxes to finish!!

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