Sunday, August 3, 2014

Swing pillows

 Ever since I can remember my Mom has had a porch swing and I love having one, too.  Only thing is, in Arizona porches don't really happen in house design.  That didn't stop me from getting one.  I currently have my swing on the patio near the pool.  I've had this swing for years and this year the swing cushion had to go.  The Arizona sun damages fabric so bad to the point is deteriorates and falls apart.  I had several inexpensive Ikea pillow forms and some colorful quilt fat squares. I sewed up five pillows and I love the vibrant color combination.  Way easy project.  I kept is simple, no zippers, no velcro, just sewed all the way around.  I'm so pleased with the outcome and the swing is more comfortable to sit in!  The next project will be to sew up the actual swing cushion, but in the meantime I'll enjoy using my swing.

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