Friday, August 1, 2014

My latest find...beads

I met up with a young friend and she mentioned a bead shop along Camelback Road & Central Ave.  I just happen to be in that area the following day so I stopped in.... a great find! 

Shannon MacLeod is the owner of this little shop along Camelback Road.  She has little bit of everything, she's an authentic bead store, not a bead store catering to the "what's the current fad" in beads.  She had a basket full of just what I was looking for, it was like finding the treasure at the end of the rainbow feeling.  Shannon is the owner and only employee at this time.  She's been at this location for five years.  She used to have classes but at this time she's reworking the classroom area, so nothing scheduled for now. She's on a very busy roadway but a little off the beaten path of that main intersection, she has a street sign which makes it easy to find.  Check it out if your in the area!

She recently changed the name of her business to
Beads & Findings International
You can find her Facebook page under her new name.

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