Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye to 2013

Saying goodbye to 2013, what all did I do?
First thing I did in 2013 was walk a 5K and finished last
Walked several more 5K’s and didn’t finish last
Treadmill did not become my best friend!
Got an iPhone and iPad – staying connected
Enjoying Facebook
Travelled to Chicago
Got my picture taken at the “bean”
Stood on a glass floor 113 stories high
Went to the Mexican American art museum in Chicago
Visited Washington DC 
Lincoln memorial and stood at the same spot Martin Luther King stood.
Was moved by the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon
Traveled to Boston
Sightseeing all of Boston.  The Freedom Trail was awesome.
Went to Salem and learned about witches.
Gathered rocks along the beach in Marshfield
Had fun at the Buckley family reunion and took a photo of everyone who attended.
Fenway and Red Sox game….world series champs, again.
Attended  a wedding in  Lubbock with the Arens family
Went to Abilene Texas and walked  wello’s lot on Bois D’arc with my Alvarez family
Sold my jewelry on every  trip!
Traveled to Nebraska & Colorado, twice.
Found the neatest flag backdrop in McCook, Nebraska
Watched and enjoyed a lot of football
Learned how to paint a house.
Went my second Kansas football game
Enjoyed my visit to the Little Monastery of the Lamb in Kansas City, KS
Didn’t see some friends as much as I wanted
Checked out Guru Honey shop in Lincoln, Nebraska…very cool stuff
Swam in my pool daily…but never jumped in
Met new creative friends
Used my camera a lot and I mean a lot I probably have a photo for each of these things
Learned to knit!
Soldered, sewed, painted
Bedtime is way after midnight
Killed most of my plants over the summer! Only two survived.
Didn’t dance enough
Continued to get great advice from Cathy
My Wednesdays with my brother turned into any weekday with my brother
Watched cooking shows and learned me some new skills
Still have a long to-do list
Love my time with family and friends this year
Feeling great and ready to swag my way into 2014

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