Friday, November 9, 2012

Election is over....some interesting facts

Women and Latinos got out & voted and made a difference!  One fact was the Latino vote made up 10% of the total vote and this is the first time in history it's been this high.  This country's politicians can no longer ignore Latinos.  The other thing is Arizona mainly here in Phoenix there are 600,000 ballots that have not been counted and many Latinos had trouble casting their votes. I just don't get it.  The lines were long at polling places.  One thing I notice at my polling place.  No signs indicating it was a place to vote.  Not signs no balloons no nothing.  Weird.
I'm happy the election is over and I must admit I'm happy Obama was re-elected but I sure am disappointed with Arizona.  Proud of the voters in Colorado & Iowa.  I'm proud my whole family got out and voted, three generation Mexican Americans!  Our Grandparents would be so proud of us. 

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