Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm in Nebraska

I'm in Nebraska visiting my parents and family.  I have limited access to the internet, which I'm finding not to be so bad.  I went to a craft show but really what it was, was a large building full of some serious merchandisers, not so much "crafters".  Mostly western themed things, not my thing. I walked out without any treasures.  I have down time but can't seem to find a comfortable place to create.  That's my mission is to set up some space in the basement to start on my next project.  I'm also working on my christmas card idea.

Before I left on my trip I cooked up a turkey ... had
to make room in the freezer for this year's turkey that   my husband gets from work.  Normally, we have it during the Super Bowl, but for some reason we didn't do that this year.  Anyways, we had a full blown turkey meal.  My brother mentioned he wanted apple crisp, so I remembered I had two large apples, butter crisp apples?  Here's my version of apple crisp, it was very tasty and my brother approved.

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