Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Retreats with sister friends!

A friend who lives up north in the mountains invited us up to for a retreat.  It was so much fun.  We planned a few projects, ate some yummie food, and had great conversations.

Deb, Penny and me

This was our view!
I have a personalized travel journal I made awhile ago and I was asked to teach them how to make their own.  Penny had her father's leather jacket to use for the journal covers.  What a great idea!

Penny's Dad's jacket

Cutting into the jacket was hard but what a cool idea to use it for the journal covers.

Once we had the covers cut we have to made the booklets that fit in the inside of the cover.  We used graph paper, lined paper, and blank paper for the pages and scrapbook paper for the covers.  Once the covers and pages are cut to size and lined up we punch holes and sew the bindings.  

The booklets came out so cool!  Booklets are used for a daily planner using the bullet style of journaling, for any type of lists, quotes, sketchings, calendar.  I use them for a daily planner, list of books, list of ideas, health tracker, blank notebook to jot stuff in, I also made pockets to hold business cards, postage stamps, prayer cards and receipts.  I added a ruler and nice binding clips.  Also you must have your most favorite pens.

The booklets are added to the leather cover in the traditional Traveler's Notebook style using elastic bands.  Most times four booklets work well.  

Next was to embellish them with pockets, sticky notes and neat paper clips.

My journal is the brown leather one and their journal books came out so perfect!  

In addition, I designed a password & website book that I've been using for years.  Both got one from me.  Only thing for them to do is design the covers.

Penny gave us this Flying Wish Paper.  It was so cool.  You crinkle it up, smooth it out and make a standing cylinder.  Make a wish, burn the cylinder and take the ashes outside and let them fly away into the wind. 

We plan to continue our retreats despite our busy schedules.  There's something to be said  about sharing special time, space and energy with good hearted women.

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