Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Monday thoughts, on Tuesday

I’m in my hometown for my Dad’s 80th birthday party this weekend.  My brother and sisters have been finalizing the details of the party.   He's in good health and gets around just fine, so it’s deceiving that he's 80.  On this trip I've noticed he’s slowed some but his mind is as sharp as a knife.  He has an amazing memory of his life and people he has met throughout his whole life.  Each time he steps upstairs from the basement he sings a little tune and honestly he never stops moving.  He’s been that way his whole life.

I drove around town today and it has changed and I hardly recognize anything.  While I was sitting in Mini Lula talking on the cell phone a car drove up to me and it was a friend I’ve known since junior high.  She heard I was in town and she saw Mini and thought it was a good chance it was me.  It was so nice seeing her and having a chat.  She plans to attend the party so we’ll have more time to catch up on each other’s lives. 

The other great thing about being home is seeing my family.  The things that drive me crazy about them are also the things I miss so much.  The icing on the cake is being with my great niece, baby girl Anaya.  She’s so adorable!

I like being home but I also miss my space, my studio, my husband and those three crazy dogs of mine. 

If you are lucky like me to have your parents around please enjoy them…learn from them…embrace who they are.

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