Saturday, September 10, 2011

Boston, Massachusetts

Arrived in Boston got into the rental car and boy driving in Boston was an experience!  The person I was following, Melvin, was driving as though he didn't have someone following him and had no clue where I was going.  My first turn onto the parkway had drivers honking at me.  What I learned about driving in Boston...everyone runs yellow traffic lights and absolutely no one stops at red lights! People drive out in front of anyone going any direction, rights, lefts, on to street from side streets, and pedestrians do not use crosswalks or pay attention to walk signals!!!
Second day in Boston we took the train/subway the "T"

We in Malden taking the "orange line" to downtown to the "red line"

We got off the T 

Me with Christine waiting for the shuttle to UMass

Christine with her mom, if you look at the windows you see the harbor
We walked around UMass & the bookstore to get Christine's books!
 The were as expensive as they were heavy!

Back on the T 
Fenway exit

The Red Sox had a home game against the Yankees. 
Would of loved to go but tickets outrageous.
Looked at #34 jersey, darn not in my size. 
(Did get at Danny Woodhead Patriot jersey!)

After a few days in Boston we headed to the beach. 

Me with Auntie Phyllis
This is Auntie's cottage.  Very nice.

Most family and friends headed to the beach.  I spent one day at the beach and that was enough sunshine and sand for me.  I found I like the beach and ocean but it's not my thing to sit for hours in the sun.  
I prefer to walk and explore, which I did each morning.

Beach in Marshfield, Mass

One of my days at the beach I drove around and checked out cute shops and the sites.

Ugotta Havit

I stopped at a way cool cemetery.  It was very old and nothing like you would see in Arizona.  It was beautiful and peaceful.

These items were sitting on a bench near a tombstone

Goodbye to the beach

Goodbye to Malden
My trip to Boston was about Christine.  She decided to participate in student exchange program from her university, NAU to UMass/Boston.  She was excited about the move, but she's had a tough week missing home, family and friends.  She's an awesome young lady and will get her bearings here soon.

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