Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life in the jobi time lane

First of all, as usual it's late late night when I'm posting.  My puppy, Maximus is so excited and hyper and will not leave Winston dog alone!  Omg, all I want is some peace & quiet. 
I don't even know where to start.  I've been having computer issues for  two months.  Desktop got virus, it's working fine as long it's not connected to the internet.  I back up almost everything to an external harddrive, but I really didn't lose much.  Then my laptop harddrive went wackie and froze up and I mean froze up!  Luckily, when I first purchased the laptop I didn't want to use Vista so I installed a new harddrive with XP.  I was smart enough to keep the original harddrive.... I switched out the drives ...wholla it worked!  It took days to install all of the Vista updates. lol   The laptop is working fine but can't handle all the stuff I need it to do.  So I finally broke down and purchased a new laptop and I'm loving it. 
Dang it .... my puppy just chewed up my last and I mean my last pair of flipflops!!!Should of known, he was being too quiet.
I can't seem to load any photos, ugh.  Time for bed, I guess.

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