Wednesday, October 27, 2010

craft fair

How'd it go? you ask....

When I arrived I found my table stuck back in a corner...
ah not a good thing = bad energy flow = no customers.
I was able to switch with my friend & his wife.
It turned out to be a good thing for both of us, they needed the extra space the corner offered and I was near the doorway, being one of the first tables people could stop at.
The post-it sticky notes were popular "believe" ones sold the most.... The pencil business card was so clever and worked well!
I made the small journal so I could take emails and orders and it turned out to be popular, I plan to make more.
I sold several angel art prints, alittle bit of everything else, magnets, trees, tags, & garlands.
I loved talking about my stuff and how I made it and how I can customize pendants and art prints.
Another thing about the craft fair was meeting
all the neat crafters.
I bartered for a few things, too.
Ended up with the coolest holiday cigar box purse,
a "one of kind" cake stand and the most delicious cupcakes.

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