Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jewelry Stuff

I read about this artist in one of my magazines, Stephanie Lee. I fell in love with the jewelry she makes. In the book she give detailed steps on how to make her style of salvage jewelry. I headed to the closest Home Depot and bought my tools and supplies.

I needed a copper pipe cutter, 1/8" - 3/4" pipe cutter

Some heavy duty metal scissors. I bought two sizes and they work so well.

I cut pipe and metal now ready to solder. Some funny things about soldering in my world...
I used my butane burner and I was so into soldering I would forget that there was a flame at the end of the burner! I'm safety conscious in my studio most of the time. I wear gloves, mask, safety glasses and this time I also needed to be aware of flammable materials and liquids!! I can be so easily distracted but listen I had to be so aware of the FLAME!!

soldered pieces

filled pieces with artwork, buttons, plaster, clipart and clear epoxy.

I learned how to ink up metal and make it permanent. I made this metal mini tablet.

I also learned how to etch metal....this was the coolest thing. But the chemicals were strong, needed to wear gloves and a mask. But the end product was so dang cool. I always wanted to learn how to do this.

I make some pretty cool jewelry pieces with the etched metal. But, I can't show it to you until I send off a gift to my niece. Once she receives it, I'll post it. I made one for myself and have gotten so many compliments. I'll tell ya it was quite the process and took me all weekend to complete only a few pieces. Lots of cutting, filing, soldering, lettering and coming up with ideas on the spot. But then again the dremel tool is a crafting queen's best tool.

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